A Facebook Group for Your Page Helps Increase Organic Search

Create a Facebook Group to Increase Your Organic Search

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Start a Facebook Group for Pages

You probably know by now about the importance of staying on top of social media trends and hopefully you are using best practices to do so. Recently Facebook launched Groups for Pages. A Facebook group is a community of people who have a common interest in a niche or specific topic. Think of it like a book club where people gather who all have a common interest in reading and discussing books.

Groups are a page within a page where members can interact with each other, discuss a similar topic, share content, and ask questions. The feature also allows for the user to link other groups to their own broadening the social community even further.

Grow Your Organic Search

As you are growing your group’s members, do so by providing valuable original content. Also share content from influential people and remember to tag them.

Link relevant groups that you belong to your group’s recommended section on your page. Find other groups similar to yours; join, and friend request the admin so you can cross promote each other’s groups.

Since we are a local web design company in Sarasota serving mostly small businesses in the area. We searched for area small business groups, linking them to our group, and asking them to do the same.

Managing Your Group Page

Once your group page gets its members built up, the page will start to help run itself when members post to the discussion. In the beginning you’ll have to be diligent about producing and sharing high-quality content and promoting the group page.

Just like a blog on your website, be the expert in your field that others turn to as a valuable resource they know they can trust.

Having a Facebook group for your page is an effective way for businesses to cultivate a community. Here you can have more close-knit communications with like-minded people and potential customers. You get a notification when someone posts in the discussion section making it easier for engagement and interaction with the members.

If you’d rather have assistance with this, we’re on hand to help with any of your social media, digital marketing, and website needs. Give us a call to get your group page started today.