Create Energy and Life Within Your Online Community

Ignite Your Online Community

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Bring Your Online Community to Life

Learn how to create synergy and life within your online community. In the last article we shared another way you can increase your search engine optimization (SEO) by creating a Facebook Group for your page. This is a fairly new online community feature that Facebook rolled out for business pages. It has however been a capability for individual profiles for some time. So, now that you learned how to set up a Group for your page, you’ll need to know how to make the best use of it to increase website traffic and page ranking.

Become an invaluable resource

Just like you can use a blog to become a reliable resource which people turn to for expertise in your particular field, you can do the same within the Group you created. Once you set up a social media channel whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc., the worst thing to do is let it sit dormant. Social media is a valuable tool to increase page ranking, brand awareness, and ultimately your customer base, but only if you stay engaged and keep it alive!

Ignite intrigue

Post about emerging trends. By doing so, you can get a conversation going within your Group. It’s a great way to spark interest among members and hopefully attract new ones, instead of always posting about a single stream of information.

Keep it pretty

Share images and videos with your community. You can double-down your digital marketing efforts by optimizing these images and tagging people or businesses.

Make it an exclusive news source

While it may be tempting to post your high-quality content across multiple social media channels (and you can still do this), post the information in your Group page first. Then, you can use a link back to that direct page to promote via your other media channels.

Make your community feel welcomed

Acknowledge new Group members and introduce them to the already-established members. A little recognition goes a long way and encourages these new members to want to engage. Consider spotlighting a specific member for an award they may have won or an accomplishment, or for just being an awesome person.