Backlinks Help Get Your Website a Higher Page Ranking

How to Use Backlinks for Higher Page Ranking

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Move Forward with Backlinks

Do you know what backlinks are and why they are so important for SEO? We like Wikipedia’s explanation that they are a reference like a citation. A backlink can also be described as a link to another website or webpage using anchor text that is hyperlinked. You may see a word or a few words in a different text color and underlined and it is clickable when hovered over; that’s the anchor text.

Let’s take a closer look into:

  • what backlinks are
  • their function
  • how to incorporate them into your content
  • how to get backlinks to your website on other web pages

How to Incorporate Backlinks

High-quality backlines are one of the most influential factors used in Google’s PageRank (PR) system. This measures how “important” search engines think your website is and its order, i.e. ranking in the search results. So, a backlink literally links one website page to another. And if you are trying to improve your own website SEO, be sure the links, called internal links, are to pages on that same site. It is also important to link on reputable pages. Keep reading to find out how to achieve that. Low-quality backlinks may be purchased, but these can actually hurt your page ranking. You can use anchor text if you are trying to ran for certain keywords. For example, we are a small business on the Gulf Coast of Florida and try to rank high for searches for web design Sarasota.

Get Links to Your Website

More important websites, in Google’s eyes, have more links from other sites. Knowing that, how do you get your website link on other sites? There are a few ways to do this including producing high-quality content and often. This is something that is imperative to not just page ranking, but to overall SEO. By producing high-quality content, more people are inclined to share your published posts. Along with blogging regularly on your own site, leave comments on other reputable websites’ blog posts and on forums as well. Another savvy way to get your website linked on others sites is to be a guest blogger on other established websites.