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Your first website? We can help!

Getting your first website is scary and it can be a confusing time. Do I need to be a web programmer? How much information should I include? How many pages do I need? These are all commonly asked questions.

Here at Web Jarvis we are used to working with start-up companies and understand the need to simplify the process. We have come up with a comprehensive start-up package to help ease your pain and set you on the road to digital success.

Free Consultation

In the beginning it can be difficult to know what you want or need, with many businesses too afraid to ask questions in case they get hit with a bill. Here at Web Jarvis we promise a free consultation before every single project we complete, to make sure we know exactly what our clients want - and they know exactly what they are getting. Together we assess the business needs and set our goals so that we can create a website perfectly suited to our customer.

Lifetime Support

It’s taken us years to build up our knowledge and expertise, and the Web Jarvis team understands our customers are unlikely to learn it all. When a project is over, it can often feel like you’ve been left to fly a plane solo. As part of our commitment to you, we promise you’ll never be left helpless. All our clients can sleep easy knowing that even though our part may be over, our experts will always be contactable to offer friendly advice. Our success is your success.


It’s EVERYTHING you need, to get a website up and running, the right way!

Sarasota Florida Free Digital Strategy Consultation
Free Digital Strategy Consultation

Sarasota Florida Personalized Brand Style Guide
Personalized Brand Style Guide

Sarasota Florida Custom-Designed Website
Custom-Designed Website

Sarasota Florida Mobile And Tablet Friendly (Responsive)
Mobile And Tablet Friendly (Responsive)

Sarasota Florida Domain Name
Domain Name
Sarasota Florida Free Business Email
Free Business Email

Sarasota Florida SEO Best Practices
SEO Best Practices

Sarasota Florida Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Sarasota Florida Google & Bing Webmaster Tools
Google & Bing Webmaster Tools

Sarasota Florida Hosting Service
Hosting Service
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