5 Ways Your Website Is Costing You Money

A well designed website can be your most powerful sales tool, but did you know that a poorly designed site can actually cost you money? Let’s find out if your website gives your visitors all the feels or if it’s time to ask,Do I need a new website?

Here’s a Checklist of 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Website IS NOT costing you money:

1. Loading, Loading, Loading…

Ever get tired of waiting for a website to load? Your customers do. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, then you can expect to lose 40% of your visitors. That’s nearly half of your traffic gone before they even see your homepage. Test your website’s speed for free at GTmetrix.

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2. First Impression

Now that your site has loaded, what does it look like? For many visitors this is their first impression of not only your website, but also your company. Within five milliseconds of landing on your website, that’s 0.05 seconds, a visitor will have made a decision as to whether they want to stay or go. Make sure their first impression is a good one. 

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3. Mobile Responsive

Remember we were just talking about first impressions, well, over 50% of your traffic is coming from customers on mobile devices. If your site looks terrible or navigates poorly on a mobile device, then you can kiss 50% of your visitors goodbye. If your site is mobile responsive, then please make sure your page speed (point number #1) is lightning fast, or else you might have just turned off all of your visitors.

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4. Where Is It?

What happens when your customers can’t find what they are looking for or the information they need? Yes, you guessed it, they go somewhere else. Clear headings and logical navigation can help visitors easily find what they want. If customers can find what they want, then they are more likely to contact you or make a purchase.

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5. Are These Guys Real?

We’ve all had that feeling, that a business website might be bogus. Make sure your visitors know that you are legit. Secure connections and lots of social proof make a big difference. Verifying that your site is on HTTPS and showing reviews or testimonials from happy customers is a good start. If you need help, here’s some more info on how to make your website secure. These two small things are sure to give your new visitors all the feels of being right where they should be.

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Every visitor that you lose is costing you money. Make sure that your website isn’t turning off new customers. If your site needs a little TLC or a complete makeover, then give us a shout, otherwise keep up the good work!

About the Author:
Steph Szuts
Steph Szuts, Web Jarvis Client Partner, loves supporting local business and making new contacts. She received her Bachelor’s of Art in Communication from Florida State University. She was born and raised in Florida, yet her dynamic experiences had her globetrotting the world. She's backpacked through New Zealand, was a Budweiser representative in Chicago, harvesting grapes in Italy, and managing a bed & breakfast on the Central Oregon Coast. She’s mom to #neavenisfromheaven and #ginnyfromvirginia and soon we'll be calling her Mrs. (Tristram) Allen.

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