Affordable Pay-Per-Click Advertising Helps Your Page Rank Higher
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Spend a little money to make more money. This is a time when paying for awareness comes into the mix. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising drives traffic to your site through paid marketing efforts, rather than organically. You can opt to have your listing or ad show up on search engine sites, i.e. Google, or websites that are related to keywords you select and you pay a fee when a person clicks on your ad. Your visitor is directed to a page on your site you choose or to a landing page, where you can prompt them to take further action. This type of advertising offers flexibility based on budget and levels of business and you get measurable results to see the effectiveness of your ad.

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PPC ads can come in various forms. An effective and budget-friendly option is text-based search ads. When a search is made online, your company’s listing appears near the top of the results page. This is a bid-based model that doesn’t just award the highest bidder, but rather takes into account specific keywords used that are most relevant to the search performed. We custom-create these keywords that best correspond to your company. You choose the budget of the campaign and only pay when someone clicks on your ad listing.

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Save money for being smart. This marketing effort depends on a savvy strategy (that’s where we come in) using carefully-selected keywords that get you noticed without spending a ton of money. Because you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ad, this marketing option is cost effective. Even if someone doesn’t click through, your company still makes an appearance and gets into the minds of your preferred audience.

Location, location, location—this term is not just for selling houses. If your product or services are only offered in a certain area or region, it’s no use to go to bat blindfolded. You can zoom in on a location to reach your individual audience. Your ads can be created to include the appropriate city or state that your company serves. While this may not be applicable to all business, it is an ingenious tool if your company is location specific.

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