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The National Retail Federation reports expected retail sales growth between 3.8 and 4.4% in 2018. Online and non-store sales will grow between 10 and 12% and reach $2,774 billion, according to Statista. In this article we’ll explore what to consider when looking for the best ecommerce web design and see examples of award-winning ecommerce websites.

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What to consider when looking for the best ecommerce web design:

Mobile Responsive

By the end of this year, mobile will be reaching 70% of ecommerce traffic. Within the past four years mobile ecommerce grew 300% and it is exceeding ecommerce in general.

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While having a mobile responsive website was preferred in the past, Google is nearly making it a necessity; they have rolled out mobile-first indexing. Mobile-first indexing is the process of adding web pages into a Google search and the mobile version will be indexed first. So, Google will rank mobile-friendly sites higher when producing search results. As well as having a mobile-friendly ecommerce site, a mobile app is another convenient way to have an ecommerce store.

When faced with a negative mobile shopping experience, 43% of consumers will go to a competitor’s site next. 

UX Design

Users have to be able to find the information they are looking for, this includes product search and category, and the site design clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Use of white space on the Yomatherapy website is an example of clean, simple design.

screen shot of Yomatherapy website with massage table, person in yoga pose, and rocks.

Easy and Security of Check Out

 Nearly a quarter of users will not complete an online purchase because checkout was too long and confusing. The best ecommerce web design makes each checkout experience seamless and secure.

Cart abandonment accounts for a loss of $18 billion in sales each year.

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51% of shoppers failed to complete a purchase on a mobile device because they did not feel comfortable entering their credit card details.

 Let’s take Archon Clothing as an example. Archon Clothing uses an ecommerce website to sell apparel for men and women who have an interest, or are buying for someone who has an interest, in gaming and team sports.

screen shot of website page of three men sitting and chatting in tee shirts

First thing to look for is that the website is secure. What makes a website secure? You’ll see in the image below the word secure, an image of a padlock, and the url begins with https, which means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Secure websites have three layers of hacker protection including encryption, data integrity, and authentication.

screen shot of url address of secure https website

The call-to-action (CTA) is clearly visible with the ADD TO CART button.

screen shot of checkout screen on ecommerce website

Again, this screen has clearly marked CTA button, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Plus, it allows you to update your cart by adding a larger quantity or removing an item. Also, included on this screen are estimated shipping costs.

Screen shot of checkout page on ecommerce website

The top two reasons a shopper will abandon their cart is because of shipping costs making the total purchase more than expected and shipping costs not being available before making the purchase.

 This page demonstrates shipping options and costs involved and gives a clear total calculated with the shipping method selected.

screen shot of checkout page of ecommerce website

On the payment screen that it states, “All transaction are secure and encrypted.” It gives an easy option to denote billing address and one to save information for an even faster checkout next time. Lastly, the CTA button, COMPLETE ORDER, is clearly marked.

Screen shot of checkout screen on ecommerce website

These web design companies ranked high for best ecommerce web design:

Marucci Sports – Focus of design was for mobile devices, which is 60% of their website traffic. After the redesign, the company saw they saw a 50% increase in mobile conversions and a 24% increase in tablet conversion.

Screen shot of ecommerce web design for marucci with a baseball player holding a bat

Sierra Designs – Improved the user experience with a UX design that fixed navigation issues on the desktop version and was also mobile responsive. They reported that metrics were up year after year with the new design.

SwingSet Mall – Created a user-friendly website and implemented best practices for conversion rate optimization. They feel the design put them in the best possible place for future growth.

Screen shot example of best ecommerce web design homepage with children smiling and playing on a swing and climbing

Andreas Carter Sports – Uses clean simple design with white space and changing the CTA button, Add to Cart, from black to blue. Since doing so, they reduced the abandoned cart by 50%.

Screen shot of best web design example website homepage of a soccer field, sportswear, and soccer ball images.


Baby K’Tan – A simple clean easy-to-navigate layout resulted in a 116% site traffic growth and 45% revenue growth.

screen shot of best ecommerce web design example Baby K'Tan with two moms smiling at each other 

74% of small business websites do not sell online and don’t even have an ecommerce-enabled website.

If you are a small business and want to stand out from your competition, we offer some of the best ecommerce web design in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. Send us a message or give us a call if we can help.

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