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3 Key Social Media Best Practices

Written by: Nicole Carbon

SEO Content Strategist

Are you posting, tweeting, pinning, boosting tagging, sharing, hashtagging, etc.? If not, now is the time. There are over 3 billion social media users in the world. With multiple channels to choose from, you want to be sure you’re speaking to your audience in an effective manner and apropos manner. The rules of the game are consistently changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on social media trends and best practices. While there are a multitude of implementations, below are a few to keep you off of the sidelines and back in the game.


Build your profile across appropriate social media channels, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Once your profile is accurately and completely updated, you’ll want to post enough so that you make a presence and have a voice, but not so much that you get put on mute. The number of posts per day or week varies across different social media channels:

  • Facebook–post once per day with imagery and minimal hashtags
  • Instagram–post images at least once per day with appropriate hashtags of up to 30
  • LinkedIn–post a professional article or share insightful information beneficial to your audience four to five times per week
  • Twitter–post at least five times per day, and up to 10-30 times, with on-topic information or conversation; use minimal hashtags


Although you have to make a frequent appearance, quality of content over quantity is key. Approximately 41 percent of people would unfollow a brand on social media if they received irrelevant information and 46 percent would unfollow if they got too many promotional messages, according to Sprout Social.

By sharing pertinent and thought-provoking content, your audience is more likely to engage with your brand by liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts and photos. Share content from an outside source to gain your brand trust. When your audience receives information from reputable third party sources, it is perceived as credible. It also gets your brand in front of sources that already have a large following.


Money can’t buy everything and organic or unpaid reach is one of the necessary pieces of the puzzle to increase your brand’s presence. You can grow brand awareness organically by commenting, liking, reposting, and sharing your social media networks’ content. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising works well too and together as a team, organic and paid reach is the key to optimization goals. Each holds their own weight and contributes to the greater good.