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Pay-Per-Click Ads are Low Cost & Get Results Fast

Written by: Nicole Carbon

SEO Content Strategist

Spend money to make money, a statement that holds some weight when you want to achieve sales goals. While it’s important to optimize your website and stay on top of SEO trends to reach organic search results, there is a time when paying for awareness comes into the mix. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising that is cost-effective and gets you closer to making sales faster than optimization alone.

There are choices when opting for PPC advertising and all are budget-friendly because you either set the amount you wish to spend or are only charged when someone clicks on your ad listing.

Text search ads are one way to use this savvy marketing tool. This is a bid-based model to get your company’s listing near or at the top of a search engine’s results page. Showing up at the top doesn’t just go to the highest bidder, other factors come into play, such as specific keywords set within your campaign that are most relevant to the search words used to produce results. With this ad design, you basically get paid for being smart.

Another form of PPC ads are just what the name implies, only pay when someone clicks your ad. Your add appears on search engine sites or other websites that are related to the keywords chosen for your campaign. This is where the fun begins, once a potential customer clicks on your ad, direct them to the exact page on your website where you wish for them to visit. Did someone say e-commerce? Get in the game of this $600 billion revenue stream. Even if someone doesn’t click your ad, your company still makes an appearance and gets into the minds of your preferred audience.

Pay-Per-Click ads are easy to monitor to see if they are effective and analytics provide an excellent audience read by detailing sources, demographics, and location. From there, necessary adjustments may be made to the ad campaign to produce better results.

If all this sounds too good to be true, its not! Pay-Per-Click advertising continues to result in high conversion rates quicker than waiting for SEO’s effects to kick in and cheaper than almost any other advertising option available. Stay top-of-mind, gain brand recognition, build trust, and ultimately make the sale!