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be different


Ignite emotion, provoke a favorable feeling, and make your customer emotionally connect to your brand when they see a sign, logo, package, and style design made exclusively for you. Your branding is the total package, an all-around complete identity bundle that brings your business to life. Soup to nuts is the best way to describe the design services that we can do for you to get an impression of your company across every channel you wish.

visual recognition

what is branding

This is the essential starting point, the stamp of your brand, and a building block to a bigger presence. Once your brand is established, your logo is how people identify and connect to your company. We’ll work with you to get a creative expression of the image you want to get out there, one that will resonate and make a lasting impression. You tell us who you want to be and we’ll put on our superhero capes to make that happen. Just know, branding doesn't just mean a logo design. A logo can’t stand alone, it’s part of a full-circle branding process, and eventually becomes the star of the show.

more than a logo

grow your brand

Why do you need branding in addition to a logo? While a logo is an essential part of branding, when a new design is launched, your potential customer doesn’t quite know how to identify with it because there hasn’t been an experience or feeling connected with it yet. That’s where branding swoops in–it’s that persona created that makes an emotional connection associated with a depiction and favorable feeling of a brand that lures people in to buy your products or services.

What does branding do? Branding is a way to bring that warm and fuzzy feeling to someone when they see a logo associated with a company. Essentially, the branding role goes like this: you see a logo, you recognize the packaging, you remember a favorable feeling you got when you purchased from that company, and it prompts you to spend money. For example, there’s a logo from a popular coffee shop and it transports you to a pleasantly-lit cozy place with jazzy café music in the background, you feel relaxed and happy, and then you start to crave delicious products sold by that company. It’s each item working together that’s needed to create emotion and ultimately prompt a want and desire for what your company.

What do you get? Everything on the table or whatever it is you could possibly need or want to get your brand out there. Be it package design, signage, promotional and print materials, down to the tiny details including color scheme and font selection–we do it all and can recommend what items are the best fit to get you to your individual brand-recognition goals.
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