How to Create Compelling Content with One Easy Trick

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The necessity for content creation seems to be “all the buzz” for improving search engine optimization (SEO) and to get a higher ranking through search engine results. But what is it that makes content intriguing ? Recently, we shared 5 tips to creating high-quality content, but there’s another key element to consider. Learn how to create compelling content with this one easy trick.

How to Create Compelling Content with Storytelling

Apply storytelling to every medium for which you create content, be it social media, website content, a script, etc. Storytelling captures your audience and keeps them engaged. It’s like going to the pub with a good friend who you may have not seen in a while. There’s certain to be storytelling and sharing taking place between you making the minutes fly by because it’s so interesting. In Zat Rana’s article titled The Subtle Art of Getting Your Work Noticed he also touches on storytelling as marketing. He says, “The best marketers in the world don’t tell you they’re marketers, they tell you a story. Another piece of advice he shares is that “You have to be so interesting that they can’t ignore you.”

Create a Main Character (Hero)

When creating the “characters” in the story portray the hero as someone your audience can relate to or would like to meet. Then, think about what problem or conflict that may arise which can be fixed by the product or service you are writing about. And don’t forget a happy ending!

Add in a Problem or Conflict

The audience you are writing for are real people with real problems. This will allow them to relate to this content creation technique. Depending on your specific product or service industry and who you are trying to draw in, your story can be adventurous, funny, or informative. The secret is to make a connection and solve a problem for the character.

Here’s an example of how this works: small business owners often have to wear multiple hats and may not have time to market their business or keep up with their website. Say the business is a catering company and they realize they need a web presence so more customers can find them. The problem is, they are busy in the kitchen and taking care of their onsite catering events.

The Hero Saves the Day

That’s where a company like us (the hero) swoops in to save the day. We offer a website design that virtually works for them according to their individual goals and needs. We also offer digital marketing help making their lives easier so they can tend to the demands of running their business.

The Happy Ending

In just a short time later, the caterer is getting phone calls and is booked for the rest of the year and they are ecstatic with their increased awareness, customer base, and bottom line.

Each scenario will be different depending on the type of business and what problems or obstacles the business owner may face. But the idea is to always tell a story. The End.

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