Marketing through email is an effective way to reach your customers
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modern follow up

email marketing

Email marketing is another avenue to get news, products, and information in front of your customer. There may be too many benefits to mention, but we’ll give you an idea. The cost is next to nothing, it reaches a global audience, keeps your brand front and center, serves as a communication platform to deliver up-to-the-minute information, and helps increase your customer base. It also wears multiple hats serving purposes such as the modern-day thank you letter, providing electronic receipts from purchases, sending reward offers, reminders, and there’s more…


the right message

It’s easy to draft a message and hit send, but are you sure you’re reaching the right audience, do you know which follow-up actions are necessary to accomplish your end goal? We take a precise approach to communicate with your customer and come up with insightful content to ensure your message is being opened and read rather than ending up in the trash folder. After your email has been sent, we have analytic tools to see who reads your message, what topics have their attention, and how far they went with your specific call to action. From the information we gather, we take concessive actions to ensure your brand message is out there loud and clear.


direct traffic

Email isn’t going anywhere; in fact, the Radicati Group reports that email use worldwide will top three billion users by 2020. Your website is the face of your company and your virtual storefront. You’ve done the work to build a stunning site that overachieves in the performance category, now make sure to show it off! Take this smart route to direct traffic straight to your storefront.

Email marketing acts as another selling technique and your customers want to hear from you. Statista reveals that 86 percent of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15 percent would like to get them daily. It’s also another cost-effective and eco-friendly way to send newsletters, thank yous, receipts, reminders, stream videos, and share photos; the options are endless.

Perhaps one of the most clever ways email marketing may be used is through a drip campaign. This is a set of custom automated emails that go out on a schedule based on your user’s actions like signing up for a newsletter or blog, visiting your site, pages they visited, etc. Think of it like a follow-up call taken to an entirely higher level. Just like an automatic coffee machine steadily drips one delicious drop after another, ultimately, it amounts to a full pot of irresistible aromatic coffee. That’s what this type of email campaign will do, but instead of the end goal of drinking coffee, you gradually gain your audience’s attention and trust, and in a reasonable amount of time, they will be enticed to take the next actions you intended.
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