11 Website Elements

Effective Website Elements

So you’re ready to have a website built or update the one you have. Before we get started there are a few key website elements to making sure your site is effective and helps you reach your desired business goals.

At first the list may seem daunting and you may not know all the answers just yet. But don’t worry. That’s where we come in. We can guide you through the process, make suggestions, and make modifications to your liking.

Here are some important aspects to take into consideration to begin the process:

Demographic/Target Audience

Know who your customers are and who you would like your target audience to be.


What type of feelings would you like to evoke in your customers. How will your company’s look and feel create an emotional connection making your customers loyal to your brand?

Business Goals/Obstacles

What business goals are you trying to achieve and what are some of the obstacles you have?


You’ll want eye-catching images and it’s a good idea to add some video to your website.


Your site should be easy to navigate and lead your viewer to the call to action (CTA).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website so that your audience can find you and you show up high on search engine results.


Add original, high-quality content to each page of your site. This is also an area which includes adding a blog to your website to increase SEO.

Mobile Responsive­

The design must be created to interface with all computers and mobile devices. Having a mobile responsive website is a must-do for higher page ranking.

Social media icons

Get social and more exposure by adding your social media icons to your site.


Get measurable results on how well your site is performing.

Call to Action (CTA)

Have a powerful CTA to lead your viewer to the action you wish for them to make.

We’re happy to meet for a complimentary consultation and guide you through the steps for the most effective website for your company. Send us a message or give us a ring.





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