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Helping One Company Venture Into a New Playing Field


Athletic Junction  was founded by two professional athletes, Michael V. Parker and Justin Harper, both with bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management. These two friends and serial entrepreneurs were in the midst of running a successful and growing athletic apparel business when they saw a way to improve the lives of both parents, students, and school event coordinators. Their vision and foresight paved the way for Athletic Junction Events.  

Athletic Junction Events addresses the inefficiencies of the current method of selling tickets to school events while simultaneously removing the dangers of children having to carry cash. How? By allowing parents to purchase tickets online via or Athletic Junction Events via App Store or Google Play. Once purchased, tickets can be printed, downloaded, and even emailed. As an added bonus, the product also helps decrease the wait times to get into the events by giving event staff a mobile app to approve/scan tickets and direct customers to their proper seats in quick and efficient manner.

Creating Athletic Junction Events

The first step of this journey was to work with Michael Parker to derive a list of what were the most important features to both the school and the parents. With this information at hand, we then set out to mockup a user interface. We knew right from the start that Michael and Justin wanted Athletic Junction Events to be a brand extension of the already successful Athletic Junction (their athletic apparel business); therefore when designing the site we made sure that we maintained a similar feel to the parent brand.

An early prototype of (left) to match (right)

Building A Vehicle For Success

Next, we conducted our first round of testing. Not only was the early mockup a success, but both the branding and the business idea were well received, so we moved forward with confidence after the first test. One point that did emerge through user testing was that the results showed people associated better with purple instead of brown/orange for a techy ticketing system. Based on this insight, we decided to adjust the visual direction and give Athletic Junction Events its own twist of the the Athletic Junction branding, so while you could clearly tell the two products apart the branding still united them.

With the web application flow and logic in place, we quickly began to ramp up the pace of development by focusing on delivering features a event ticketing website and app would need. It was also during this time that we started the first design for the mobile app which we ultimately matched to the new purple color scheme. 

Purple was decidedly more appealing and thought to have the right level of tech appeal to AJ’s customers demographics

Moving Fast with React Native and Laravel

From day one we knew Michael was talking to multiple schools with each of those schools having one or more issues with the ticketing system that they currently had in place. But one thing that remained consistent amongst all of them–the need for both Android and iOS mobile apps to enable ticket scanning and later, ticket purchase. We knew that in order to have Athletic Junction Events ready to launch, in the timeframe that they needed, React Native was the best choice. That choice paid off with 99 percent code reusability between the two platforms and it allowed us to ship the first version for iOS and Android in a recording-breaking time while still allowing us to add ticket purchases at a later date without hassle.

Initial app prototype (left) and the eventual version (right)

We built the web application in Laravel to harness its powerful back-end and swift front-end features for paramount security and ease of expansion. We then implemented three endpoints for the mobile applications. Ultimately, those three endpoints only account for an astonishing 45 lines of code because of careful planning and code reuse with the web frontend–both of which ultimately led to faster and more flexible features.

The Outcome

Michael and Justin, of Athletic Junction, are now armed with feature-rich web and mobile applications that rival those of any major competitor and they’re onboarding schools as we speak. As their marketing machine starts to take off we’re able to assist them by adding features such as a video to the homepage, without needing to touch the two mobile apps, and just a few small changes to the web front end in just a few minutes, all while keeping brand consistency across all fronts.

The first version is shipped out in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and available online at

We were also commissioned to rebrand the entire Athletic Junction Events for the general public under another brand name of EventsSmarter. This meant we modified, rebranded, and launched two more apps and one more web app for a total of four mobile apps supported across thousands of device types and two web apps in just a couple months, not bad for this little Sarasota web design company 🤗.