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start the conversation

audience engagement

Get your name out there, build trust, loyalty, get your potential customers to take the actions you wish for them to take, and see your bottom line increase as a result. This is what it means to engage your audience to build brand awareness.

While you’re not putting a ring on it yet, think of this as the courting stage. You’re noticing them by following or liking a post, you start flirting by commenting or reacting to their posts or pictures, and now you’re dating when you revisit their digital “home” and possibly give their product or service a try.

Just like dating, this is a two-way street, you get the same reciprocation. In case you’re shy, we’ve given you some pointers you can follow.


stay top of mind

email marketing

Get into the minds of your audience by tapping them on the shoulder every once in a while and whispering little nuggets of useful information into their ears via email newsletters. You can also share news about current sales and promotions quickly and effectively with little, if any, marketing dollars spent. Email marketing is a multifaceted tool you can use to help you pop into your audience’s minds on a consistent basis.

connect with your audience

social media

Save a pin, poke a friend, like a post or share an idea. Social media is the number one source of interaction among consumers. Find a way into their everyday lives and help them engage with your brand.

Getting it right—and on the right sites—is a minefield we know, so let our team talk you through what is best for your company and work with you to develop social media sites that everyone wants to retweet.


show your knowledge


Customers and prospective customers like to know that the people they’re dealing with know what they’re talking about and feeling assured they can turn to you as a resource. Add a blog to your website and show your expertise in your business' industry, increase SEO, boost your brand, and engage with your audience with a comments field and by adding social media sharing icons. We’ll do the legwork by building the blog according to your likes and needs, help come up with examples and ideas for topics, and even be the wordsmiths behind your posts.

original content wins


Crafting original content for web pages, blogs, social media posts, and marketing tag lines and materials can be challenging. Clear, to-the-point, and interesting messaging is imperative. Consistency in voice and personality is also a key factor. A rule of thumb is to write how you speak, being mindful of choosing the right words, using them in the correct context, and coming across with a likable tone. This one element can make or break your business.

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