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from design to reality

web development

You’ve got a fantastic web design made, now what? Say hello to our web development team. This is where all those pretty designs come to life and get up and running to perform useful operations. Our backend technology team works their magic and your web design is transformed into a functional masterpiece. Then we make sure it has a name, is operating well, is supported, and remains safe and secure.

heavy lifting

back end power

We take the layouts and designs and make them look beautiful on the inside as well. First, we set up your Content Management System (CMS). This is the platform where your data is formatted, managed, published, and has revision controls. If you have a preference, great if not, we can pick the best CMS for your company’s needs. Then, we upload it to a server, which is like a sturdy house where your files and databases live and can be shared, it runs the apps, directs web browsers to your unique domain name, and shows the pages on your site. You can run from there or choose to have us keep a keen eye on things. We’ll monitor it to make sure operations are running smoothly, and if there’s a glitch of any sort, we’re right there to fix it.

fine tuning

ultimate performance

Next, you have to give a good performance. Up-to-the-minute technology ensures your website is user friendly and increases user engagement. Microsoft Corp. reported that the average human attention span is eight seconds, that's less than a goldfish! How are you going to get your visitor to relax and stay a while? Provide them with a great user experience with easy site navigation where they can explore webpages seamlessly, and be sure to have strong interface capabilities across all mobile devices. Then we get deeper into the technology-side to give your site premier visibility with metadata, backlinks, and other programming stuff that we take care of.

Slow loading websites cost the U.S. e-commerce market more than $500 billion annually, according to HostingFacts.com. Don’t be part of the problem. We provide solutions so visitors can click around quickly and efficiently to find the information they want. We make that happen by optimizing images, enabling page compression, and other best practices we stay on top of to ensure your site is loading at rapid speeds.

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